How not to twin [Holiday Edition]

Wondering what to wear for the holidays? Girl, I got you. One of the main reasons I got into making clothes was my paralyzing fear of showing up to a party wearing the exact same thing as someone else. I couldn’t even think about the concept. I would buy clothes and then shove them to the back of my closet where they would sit FOR YEARS. At least 3 years. That’s when I felt safe to pull off tags off and wear them out, hopefully with less of a chance of twinning someone. How sad.  

Now I have this company, creating my favorite wardrobe in small batches. And I don’t feel the need to have advance notice on the type of venue or dress code of the event I’m headed to. I've created this clothing company so women with intention don’t have to either. 

Small batch, ethically made clothing from a sustainable source. I hope you enjoy. -Emma

Shoes Please

When you are a designer and manufacturer of quality American made clothing, your shopping habits change. How can I support made-in-China (or Bangladesh) crap when I feel so passionate about creating garments in appropriate living conditions-? I can't. 

Let's all form communities with a trade based economy! (Although I have once made a pair of shoes..) I am not capable of making the array of shoes I need (want) in my life. Does any one else experience this? Lets trade.